Consultancy and Inspection in Turkey

We are an ExportConsultancy, and Inspection company in Turkey.

You can buy from us or you can ask for Consultancy and Inspection of products you want to import from Turkey.

If you need an experienced and reliable partner in Turkey you can contact us. We have 20 years experience in different sectors such as;

  • fruits and vegetables
  • consumer goods 
  • chicken, egg
  • diary (production of yogurt, ayran and cheese production: 3 years)
  • petroleum sector (distributer of OPET: 8 years)
  • construction chemicals (production 4 years)
  • steel iron – rebar ( Y06-Y08-Y10-Y12-Y14-Y16-Y20 ….. Y40)
  • cables
  • textile and marble (main sectors in our area)

We communicate in English, Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish.


  • To find the companies that manufacture the products you want to import from Turkey
  • To contact the companies we have found and receiving offers for the desired products
  • To evaluate the offers  with our customer based on the principle of best quality and lowest price
  • To get the freight price suitable for the product specifications and to organize the procurement process
  • To check the customs operations related to the export of products
  • To check the quality of the ordered product and tracking the shipment


  • To produce consultancy and solutions related to money transfer


  • To do research, market analysis, feasibility studies about the investments you want to make in the sectors we have experience with
  • Finding necessary lands, buildings, workplaces related to the investments to be made
  • Consultation of company establishment in Turkey
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