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We are an exporter from Turkey company who works in domestic trade and export for more than 15 years in Denizli and İzmir. After chemical engineering education, with our team, we started to trade and production.

We have experience in different sectors such as fruits, roasted chickpea, roasted corn, dairy production, wood pallet production, oil, and petroleum industry, construction chemicals, and foods. Since Denizli is one of the main production locations in Turkey especially for fruits, vegetables, olives, dairy products, textile, marble, cables we also trade in these industries on demand.

We export all kinds of Fruits and Vegetables also, Fruit Juice, Wine, Fruit Wines, Olives, Olive Oils, Sunflower Seed Oils, Roasted Chickpea, Roasted Corn, Chicken, and Egg from Turkey.

We also have local products showroom near Pamukkale travertines and our warehouse is in the same place. In our showroom, we have local fruit wines such as pomegranate, sour cheery, melon, blackberry, and different local products.

If you are interested in importing any kinds of products from Turkey especially from the sectors I mentioned above, do not decide before you talk with us.

Our team can speak English, Russian, and Polish.

Beyond trade, if you need an exporter from Turkey or any kind of assistance and information, please do not hesitate to connect us. We would like to help you with pleasure for free.

We hope to hear from you anytime.


Sırakapılar mahallesi 1582 sk. No: 16/13 Merkezefendi / DENİZLİ

Tax Number: 8391085817


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