Turkish Cherry

Turkish cherry is the most exported cherry in the world after the United States, Chili, and Hong Kong cherries. Turkey produces big amounts or cherry because of good soils, a very good climate for cherry trees. 

Turkish Cherry
Turkish Cherry

Also, the fact that sweet cherries are native to this area of Asia. It means that Turkey has all the necessary conditions to grow sweet cherries in all parts of the country. 

In 2018, 200 M dollars of cherry export was made by exporter companies in Turkey. The cost of cherry also depends on labor costs and Turkey has an advantage of this compared to the competitor countries.

We work in many kinds of fruits which are produced in our region like grapes.

turkish cherry
Turkish Cherry

The main cherry varieties are Ziraat 900, Regina and Kordia. Cherry season is normally between 40 – 50 days, but during recent years, by new techniques, this time interval increased more than 70 days

Our city Denizli is one of the leading cities in Turkey about cherry production. The number of cherry growers is increasing year after year.

Especially the new techniques are increasing the efficiency and quality of Turkish cherry. Cherry production reached 650 K tons in the year 2018.

The first products start in may for export and continue at the end of June every year. The main countries for export from Turkey are respectively Germany, the Russian Federation, and Norway.

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