Turkish Dried Fig

Turkish Dried Fig

Turkish dried fig is one of the most popular products exported from Turkey. Throughout ancient Greek and Anatolian history, the fig is an important trade commodity. We are one of the fried figs and dried apricot exporter companies in Turkey.

Turkish Dried Figs

This trave was among Aegeans and the rest of the world. Today Turkey is the market leader. Because of the quality of its product, and providing 60% of the world market needs.

People collect the Turkish dried fig and flourishes in the fertile and sun-drenched mountains. Villagers harvest the figs from the surrounding. We collect the best dried figs.

We directly collect from the surrounding location provided that all incoming raw materials should meet our strict quality standards. Only when a grower’s delivery meets the incoming standard will the fruit to process.

dried Turkish figs

Dried Turkish Figs

If you are interested in dried Turkish figs and if you want to purchase the best quality dried Turkish figs, you need an experienced fruit and vegetable exporter company from Turkey and you can connect with us anytime. We speak Russian and Polish too.

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turkish dried fig
Turkish Dried Fig

Upon delivery of approved fruit to our plant, manufacturers segregate and size the figs. They size the figs on customers’ requests. We purchase figs directly from the producers to give our customers the best price with the highest quality.

We specialize in its expertise on raw products and careful processing activities, to satisfy its customers with high quality.

Dried figs Turkey, are rich in potassium and it is very beneficial to normal muscle function. More than this, dried figs have a high content of fiber. Turkish dried figs contain rich vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, copper, and manganese and a type of good antioxidant.

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