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Turkish Carrot Exporter

Turkish Carrot

Carrots are grown in many parts of the world because they can be consumed in the form of fresh and processed products. It comes after tomato, watermelon, onion, cabbage, cucumber, gherkin and eggplant in world fresh vegetable production and has an important place in nutrition. Turkish carrot is also one of the main important export product from Turkey.

turkish carrot exporter
Turkish carrot

Carrot, which is a source of vitamin A, can be consumed in the form of fresh, frozen, carrot juice and concentrate, cooked or canned form and cezerye, etc. It is consumed in the form of sweets. It is very important in the nutrition of not only adults, but also infants and young children. It is very useful against tooth and bone development and eye ailments. On average, 88.2% of the carrot is water, 1% is protein, 0.2% is fat, 9.7% is carbohydrates and 0.8% is mineral substances. There are 42 calories of energy in 100 grams of consumed carrot.

Turkey is the 10th most important carrot producer country in the world with a share of 1.44% in the world carrot production and is an important export product. Although our country has a share of 1.44% in world production, it receives a share of approximately 0.88% from world exports.

turkish carrot exporter
Turkish carrot packaging

This situation shows that our country should better use its efficiency and unit price advantage and develop different marketing strategies.

Turkish Carrot Suppliers

When the data of long years of carrot production in our country are examined; While there was an increase of 29% in carrot planted areas, there was an increase of 230% in production. This much increase in production according to the increase in area is due to the positive developments in yield. Improvements in agricultural infrastructure and seeds have significantly increased yields. In the last 20 years, the yield obtained from the unit area has increased by 80% and reached an average of 5.5 tons. Turkey’s carrot yield is above the world average and is very close to EU countries. Produced carrots are intended for the domestic market and export. EU countries meet most of their carrot needs from Turkey.

turkish carrot exporter
Turkish Carrot Wooden Cages

Turkish Carrot Season

In addition, it is always possible to find carrots in businesses that have carrot processing facilities and cold storage in our region. Field harvesting continues between June and March of the next year, and carrots in cold storage are kept ready for sale in the remaining 3-4 months. Therefore, carrot production, which is a laborious and difficult type of agricultural activity, also includes activities in which storage and sales processes continue throughout the year.

Turkish carrot carton box
Turkish carrot carton box

In this period, the first crops were harvested from the carrot fields, and a large amount of exports are made to Russia and EU countries. The current prices of carrots have put a smile on the face of our producers, and we hope that our producers will increase their income with export opportunities in the following periods. As Provincial and District Directorates, we provide services to our farmers both in field controls and in issuing Phytosanitary Certificates by inspectors during the export phase.

Turkish carrot container loading
Turkish carrot container loading

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