Turkish Mandarin

Turkish Mandarin is a fruit grown in temperate climates from the genus Citrus. The mandarin is yellow-orange in color. The flesh of the fruit is juicy. Mandarins in comparison with oranges have a soft peel. 

Turkish mandarin
Turkish mandarin

Peeled fruits are used fresh and for making juices. Mandarins, having orange and yellow colors, have flesh and structure. Fruits and vegetables exporter companies like us export many of the main varieties from Turkey.

The main categories of Turkish mandarin are as below: 


Satsuma grows in Turkey, but especially in the eastern Mediterranean. The fruits are large enough and slightly flattened from the poles. Satsuma is a type of sweet seedless mandarin. The skin can easily separate from the pulp. The Okitsu mandarin, from the Satsuma mandarin group, is widely expanding these last years because it has many benefits. The fruits are quite large and flat oblate. This mandarin is sweet and seedless. This is a resistant variety, earlier than the Owari variety and is convenient for storage. This kind is the most produced and exported mandarin. It is an early variety. The flesh is dark orange. The flavor, taste, and quality of this variety are excellent. Convenient for storage and transport.

Turkish mandarin
Turkish mandarin

Clementine (Klemantin)

Clementine mandarins are round in shape and have a characteristic smell and aroma. Fragrant fragrance can fill the whole room. This variety has a pleasant aroma and excellent taste and is seedless.


In this variety of mandarin, the skin is thick and light orange in color. It is an ideal product for many manufacturers and marketers. Mandarin Nova poorly cleans, because the skin is tight to the pulp. So it is very different from many other varieties of mandarins in terms of taste and aroma.

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