Turkish Potato

Turkish potato is one of the main export vegetables in Turkey. Many brokers also vegetables and fruits exporters sell Potato. If you want to work with a reliable fruits and vegetables exporter from Turkey, you can call or write us anytime. Our team can speak in Russian and Polish too.

turkish potato

Potato is firstly produced in America continent. After time spanish sailors bring this vegetable to Europe continent. And potato entered Turkey in the 19 century. In 2008 , United Nations declared potato as “ World Potato Year”

Half of produced potato consumes as fresh food in all World. The rest of the produced potato processes in the forms of frozen potato, starch, as seed and animal feed.

Turkish potato showed a big efficiency in prodution. The data for 2018 for potato procution in Turkey is near 5 millions of tons in 71 cities.

turkish potato

But % 70 of all potato production is by 8 cities, and the rest is supplied by 63 cities. Turkish potato import is near 20 k tons. But export of potato is much more higher in the level of 300 k tons.

Underground of the plant is “potatoes.” These contain large amounts of starch – an important nutrients.

In addition to starch, potatoes also contain proteins in the ratio: 20% starch, 2% protein. Energy value of Turkish potato is 90 calories.

Poisonous alkaloids found in the upper part of plants are absent in. Grains of starch in potato tubers are ovoid or pear-shaped in size of 70-100 microns.

The color of the potato peel is yellow and red; the flesh is white and yellow. Milva is the name of potato seeds. We export potatoes from Turkey as well as the other kinds of vegetables.

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