Turkish Apple

We export Turkish apple for many years. There are many fruits exporters and brokers in Turkey but we directly buy from the source and make all the processes in our warehouse.

Turkish Apple
Turkish Apple

Apple in Turkey can grow in almost all regions of Turkey geography. The amount of apple export from Turkey increases during the last decade.

Turkish apple has more than 400 varieties in Turkey, and this number is more than 5000 in all world. But for industrial production, the number of varieties is around 10.

Some popular categories are Starking, Golden, Amasya apples. Apple is used as fresh fruit, fruit juice, wine, and vinegar as well.

Apple is the most produced fruit in the world among the warm climate fruits. The area used for apple production is more than 5 M hectares. During 1993 – 2013 the apple production is doubled in the world from 41 M to 81 M tons.

This is especially due to the increase in the efficiency. The most apple producing countries are China, EU, Un. St. America and Turkey. The amount of money in apple trade is around 20 B dollars.

Most popular kinds Mondial Gala, Braeburn, Top Red, Jonagold, Pinova, Fuji, Summer Red, Crowngold, Santana, Granny-Smith, Golden Delicious and Red chief

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Turkish Apple
Turkish Apple
turkish apple
Turkish Apple

Packaging Options:
498*330*170 10 Kg. Carton Box
517*317*170 10 Kg. Carton Box
498*330*265 Argentina 18 Kg. Carton Box
512*312*296 Zabrun 18 Kg. Carton Box
400*600*160 Carton Box (Open Top)
400*600*180 Carton Box (Open Top)

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