Turkish Quince

Turkish quince is produced in huge amounts in Turkey. The total production is about 175 K tons annually. Turkey is number one country in cultivation of this delicious fruit.

turkish quince

Turkey exports almost % 40 of quince production to 45 countries. Russia and Germany are the first two countries in export market of Turkey. It is one of the most favorite winter fruits.

Our city Denizli is one of the main production area about production of turkish quince. Quince grows in large areas and due to the climate, it has good production efficiency in Denizli.

Many fruits exporters and brokers make huge amounths of sales. We also export turkish quince in big quantities.

Total production in world is around 600 K tons. Turkey and after China, Uzbekistan produces 150 K tons. After these countries Morocco and Iran comes as the big producers. Some of the most popular categories are quince-lemon, Eşme, Golden.

Quince is consumed since ancient times due to its taste and benefits for health. Roman citizens were making food, drinks, honey, jam and even perfume with quince in Roman period. They used the flowers of quince when making all of them.

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turkish quince


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498*330*170 10 Kg. Carton Box
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498*330*265 Argentina 18 Kg. Carton Box
512*312*296 Zabrun 18 Kg. Carton Box
400*600*160 Carton Box (Open Top)
400*600*180 Carton Box (Open Top)

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