Turkish Onion

Turkish onion is a very healthy product especially about antioxidant content properties for health. Along with the vitamins it contains, onions are rich in minerals and other nutrients.

Turkish Onion
Turkish Onion

In particular, onions have the property of strengthening the immune system. Turkish onion consumption is increasing every day, and this affects production.

Onions production is very sensitive on climatic conditions. Daylight hours and temperature are two important components that affect the efficiency of onion production.

In the early period of development of this plant, you need cool air. But when tying the tuber, the temperature should be high during tuber growth. The average temperature in the early development phase should be around 13 ºC.

About the areas used for onion production in Turkey is the 13. country in the world. The average production quantities are around 2 – 2,5 M tons for year. The annual average onion consumption in Turkey is near 21 kg.

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Turkish onion is a small herb plant that grows to about 2 meters tall. Its bulb is underground  and it is actually a stem that consists of leaves arranged in whorls.

People also eat the top greens or scallions flower heads all around the world.  

turkish onion
Turkish Onion

There are many cultivar varieties of onions grown around Turkey. On average, the crop of onion takes about three to four months to harvest after seeding.

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