Turkish Pomegranate

Turkish pomegranate we export is a very special pomegranate, with a dark red color. It has two main categories, sweet and sour. In Turkey, there are approximately 90 types of pomegranate fruits. Hicaz and Wonderful pomegranate varieties are the most popular and produced pomegranates in Turkey. Pomegranate in Turkish language meaning is “Nar”. 

Turkish Pomegranate
Turkish Pomegranate

Natural juice and seeds are produced from the Turkish pomegranate. Because it is very rich content of water, the efficiency of juice is very good. About the seeds, they are very soft and delicious.

Turkish Pomegranate

Turkey is one of the motherlands of pomegranate.  So, it spreads and grows in many areas, both in the mountainous and coastal areas. Because of this pomegranate mainly grows in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions.

Total pomegranate production in Turkey is approximately 100K tons. So Turkey is one of the world’s important pomegranate exporter countries.

Turkish fruits brokers also fruits and vegetable exporters work a lot on this pomegranate.

There are different categories because pomegranate cultivates in large areas. We know that there are many selections. We observe that there are a lot of pomegranate varieties in Turkey.

Among these varieties, about fruit taste, their names are sour, sour-sweet and sweet varieties. Also, in terms of seed, there are different types, such as soft-seed, intermediate and hard-seed.

Turkish Pomegranate
Turkish Pomegranate

Hicaznar, Seedless, Silifke, and Lefan are some of the most important varieties that are cultivated in the country. Hicaznar category is especially first amongst the exported varieties.

Packaging Options:
400X300x125 Carton Box
500X300x125 Carton Box

Also plastic box packaging is mostly used. These boxes are mainly 5 kg and contain 7/9/12/14 pieces of pomegranates.

We also work in different varieties in fruits like apples.

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