Turkish Grape

Turkish grape has more than 800 different grapes varieties about genetics. Grape is one of the most important fruits in Turkey. The grape cultivates in thousand 460 ha and the production is 3,750 thousand tons in 2018.

Turkish Grape
Turkish Grape

Major grape growing regions in Turkey are Aegean, the Mediterranean, southeast also western Anatolia and eastern Marmara. Grape cultivates more than 90 countries in the world.

Turkey is the number 3 country in the production of grapes.  The total export of Turkish grapes was 600 million dollars in 2018. We export Turkish grapes to many countries, both fresh grape and also in dried grapes. To determine the competitiveness level of Turkey in grape export is very important.

The data from the International Trade Centre database shows that Turkey has a very big potential for increasing grape export. According to the results, Turkey has a comparative advantage in grape export.

If producers pay attention to improve the quality, brand, and promotion of grapes, the competitiveness of Turkey in grape trade will be much better.

In fruit categories, we also have the best quince in Turkey. If you are looking for Turkish fruits and vegetable exporter company, you can always call us for your needs from Turkey.

turkish grape

Because of many different kinds of production in the county, Turkey is one of the most grape producer countries. Turkish fruit brokers and exporters of Turkish fruits work very much.

The Turkish grape has mainly 2 categories. Some grapes are special for food, but some other grapes are mostly used in wine production.

Also, our city Denizli and around this area are one of the main production areas in Turkey. We also have both categories of grapes both for food and wine production.

Some of the popular types are Sultana, Superior, Cardinal grapes. Grape is mainly consumed as fresh, but also it is dried naturally and consumed all year.

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