Turkish Grape 2023

Turkish grape has more than 800 different grapes varieties about genetics. Grape is one of the most important fruits in Turkey. Turkey’s rich agricultural heritage and diverse climate have made it a prime location for grape cultivation. With a history dating back thousands of years, grapes have become a staple crop in the country, not only for their use in winemaking but also as a delicious and nutritious fruit enjoyed at tables across the nation. 

Turkish Grape in farm


The Sultana grape, also known as Thompson Seedless, is undoubtedly one of Turkey’s most famous grape varieties. With its light green color and oval shape, Sultanas are renowned for their exceptional sweetness and unique floral aroma. These grapes are a favorite for snacking due to their seedless nature and delightful taste. 

Turkish Grape Production Data

  • In the 2020 production period, 4.1 million tons of grapes were produced on 4.2 million decares
  • Manisa, Mardin and Denizli rank first in vineyard areas
  • Manisa, Mersin, Denizli ranks first in production
  • Export amount in 2019/2020 is 1.2 million tons

Major grape growing regions in Turkey are Aegean, the Mediterranean, southeast also western Anatolia and eastern Marmara. Grape cultivates more than 90 countries in the world.

  • In the 2021 production period, 3.6 million tons of grapes were produced on 3.9 million decares
  • Manisa, Mardin and Denizli rank first in vineyard areas
  • Mersin, Manisa, Denizli ranks first in production
  • Export amount in 2020/2021 is 1.3 million tons
  • 2022 According to the estimation, the production is expected to be 4.2 million.
  • 2023 According to the estimation, the production is expected to be 4.6 million.

Turkey is the number 3 country in the production of grapes.  The total export of Turkish grapes was 600 million dollars in 2018. We export Turkish grapes to many countries, both fresh grape and also in dried grapes. To determine the competitiveness level of Turkey in grape export is very important.

  • In 2020, 78 million tons of grapes were produced in an area of 6.9 million hectares.
  • Spain, China, France rank first in fresh grape production
  • 4.8 million tons of fresh grape export in 2021
  • 821 thousand tons of dried grapes exports in 2021
  • Türkiye meets 31.3% of world dried grapes exports

The data from the International Trade Centre database shows that Turkey has a very big potential for increasing grape export. According to the results, Turkey has a comparative advantage in grape export.

If producers pay attention to improve the quality, brand, and promotion of grapes, the competitiveness of Turkey in grape trade will be much better.

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turkish grape

Because of many different kinds of production in the county, Turkey is one of the most grape producer countries. Turkish fruit brokers and exporters of Turkish fruits work very much.

The Turkish grape has mainly 2 categories. Some grapes are special for food, but some other grapes are mostly used in wine production.

Also, our city Denizli and around this area are one of the main production areas in Turkey. We also have both categories of grapes both for food and wine production.

Some of the popular types are Sultana, Superior, Cardinal grapes. Grape is mainly consumed as fresh, but also it is dried naturally and consumed all year.

  • 78 million tons of grape production on 6.9 million ha in the world in 2020
  • Yield per decare in the world in 2020 1,123 tons
  • 4,2 million tons of grape production in Türkiye in 2020/21
  • Table grapes with seeds constitute 38.4% of Türkiye’s grape production, and dried grapes without seeds constitute 28.2%.
  • Türkiye’s domestic consumption of seedless dried grapes is at the level of 35-50 thousand tons.

Turkey is a notable player in the global grape market, exporting substantial quantities of grapes to various countries. Turkish grapes are favored for their quality and taste, making them sought-after commodities in international trade. While specific export figures may vary from year to year, the following data provides an overview of Turkey’s grape exports as of my last knowledge update in September 2021:

  • In recent years, Turkey’s grape exports have ranged from approximately 200,000 to 300,000 metric tons annually. We are one of the Turkish grape exporters in Turkey for many years.

Main Export Destinations for Turkish Grapes:

  • Russia: Russia has consistently been one of the largest importers of Turkish grapes. The proximity between the two countries and the demand for fresh produce in the Russian market contribute to this strong trade relationship.

  • Germany: Germany is another major importer of Turkish grapes. The country’s strong economy and diverse population create a significant demand for fresh fruits, including grapes.

  • Ukraine: Ukraine is a significant destination for Turkish grapes, benefiting from its geographical proximity and trade agreements.

  • Iraq: Iraq’s demand for Turkish grapes is driven by its population’s preference for fresh produce and the close proximity between the two countries.

  • Romania: Romanian consumers also appreciate Turkish grapes, contributing to the export numbers.

  • Netherlands: The Netherlands serves as an important distribution hub for Turkish grapes within the European Union.

  • United Kingdom: The UK’s demand for fresh fruits, even after its exit from the EU, maintains its status as a noteworthy destination for Turkish grapes.

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