Turkish Orange

Turkish orange (Citrus Aurantium) is an evergreen fruit tree of the genus citrus dicotyledonous class, whose homeland is India, as well as its spherical or egg-shaped fruit with a very pleasant smell. We are one of the fruits and vegetable exporter companies in Turkey. We export Turkish orange and other citrus products including mandarin, lemon and grapefruit. Orange in Turkish language meaning is Portakal. 

Turkey Orange Exporter
Turkey Orange Exporter

Nowadays, orange trees are grown in all hot countries, because oranges are one of the most valuable fruits. Turkish orange tree is 3-4 m high. The leaves are hard, the upper surface of the leaves is shiny smooth, the lower is fleecy, the orange Turkey flower is bisexual.

This is a dicotyledonous family of citrus fruits, whose homeland is India, the plant is an evergreen tree (Citrus Aurantium) and gives aromatic fruits of a spherical or ovoid shape.

Since orange Turkey is a valuable fruit tree, its cultivation is now widespread in all hot regions. It has a height of about 3-4 m, has hard leaves, the upper surfaces are bright, the underside of the surfaces is pubescent.

Navelina (one of the best Turkish orange)

This is one of the varieties of umbilical (navell) oranges, origin California. The orange tree of this variety has a wide and dense crown. Orange ripened two weeks earlier than Washington.

Compared to Washington Nevel, the size of Navelin fruits is smaller, they are more oval and of lower quality. The sugar content is 11.2%, the acid is 0.89%, the sugar / acid ratio is 12.6. This is one of the earliest umbilical varieties of orange.


This is the oldest umbilical oranges in the Mediterranean region, as well as the most popular table oranges. It grows throughout the Mediterranean region from Antalya to Hatay. Recently, this variety of orange is one of the most widely cultivated varieties of the Navel group. The fruit is large, spherical or oval in shape, with a characteristic “navel” facing inward.

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This variety mainly cultivates in Turkey, the Mediterranean region. Valencia perfectly adapts to various environmental conditions. This is a late-ripening variety of sweet oranges that easily tolerates heat. Known under various names, this variety is suitable for both table consumption and industrial purposes. Fragrant, delicious and high quality. For latest shares from our export loadings you can follow us in instagram here.

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