Turkish Lemon

Turkish lemon is one of the most exported food in export goods. Lemon has many varieties which have different tastes. There are many turkish lemon exporters and brokers. 

turkish lemonIt is a small tree species which grows through all year and it is green in winter. Also the same for the fruit of this lemon tree.

The homeland of turkish lemon is not known for sure. The fruits of these small lemon trees can be grow in many countries with temperate climates. 

You can see lemon trees in almost in all house garden in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Because this is like a tradition and people like to eat fresh lemon from their own garden.

The lemon fruit is also used for fruit juice.  Pulp of lemon and rind are used for cooking too. Lemon can be used for bakinp purpose as well.

The juice of the lemon is about 4-5% acid. Ph value of lemon fruit is between 2 and 3. You can easily obtain the ph value of lemon in simple educational experiments.

Lemon in Turkey has many different varieties but the most polular varieties of turkish lemon are as below: 

turkish lemon 


The fruit color is dark yellow, the rind is soft and thin and the shape is round and small. It is the most water containing lemon.


This variety produces mostly in Turkey and especially in the Eastern Med

iterranean region. This lemon starts early growing. And it has the largest share in lemon export of Turkey.

Its fruit is big and shape is long and cylindrical. The most prominent feature is the side-tilted nipple. The rind is thin, smooth, light green and shiny.


This variety grows in a specific region at the west of Mersin (Erdemli, Silifke) in the Mediterranean region because it is ecology selective.

Lamas  is the first  growing lemon after interdonato in Turkey, is high quality lemon variety. It is very convenient to store and transport.

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