Turkish Raisin

Turkish raisin is one of our local products coming from history. It is also a part of our culture as well. And Turkey is still the number one exporter of raisins in the world. We are one of the Turkish raisin exporters in Turkey.

Turkish yellow raisins

Statistics of Turkish Raisin Export

• World seedless raisin production is approximately 1 million 200 thousand tons. Turkey, the world’s largest producer and exporter of seedless raisins, meets an average of 25 percent of this production. Turkey’s production is 250-300 thousand tons according to years.

• 60% of grapes produced in Turkey are seeded and 40% are seedless. According to 2019 data, a total of 4 million 100 thousand tons of grapes were produced, of which 2 million 50 thousand tons for table, 1 million 599 thousand tons for dried and 451 thousand tons for wine.

Turkish raisin production

• Turkey ranks first in the world’s production and export of seedless raisins. Turkey exported approximately 243 thousand tons of raisins in 2019.

• 75-80 percent of Turkey’s raisin exports are made to European Union countries. Among these countries, England, Germany and the Netherlands are the countries where the most exports are made.

• The average domestic consumption of seedless raisins is 3540 thousand tons. 10-15 percent of the grapes produced are consumed indoors. The rest is exported.

Turkish Dried Fig

Turkish raisins exporters are the biggest suppliers and exporters of all kinds of raisins. Feel free to contact us for your demands about Turkish Raisins. Other products in the dried fruits category you can check are dried figs and dried apricots

Turkish Dried Apricot

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