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Turkey, a land renowned for its diverse landscapes and rich agricultural heritage, has been a pivotal player in global food production for centuries. Among its vast array of crops, tomatoes stand as a shining example of the nation’s agricultural prowess. With a multitude of unique and flavorful tomato varieties cultivated across its fertile soils, Turkey has established itself as a significant contributor to the global tomato industry.

Tomatoes have been cultivated in Turkey for centuries, with the Ottoman Empire playing a pivotal role in their introduction and spread throughout the region. Over time, these humble fruits have become an integral part of Turkish cuisine, influencing traditional dishes and flavors.

  • Turkey ranks 3rd after China and India in world tomato production with approximately 13,2 million tons as of 2020.
  • According to TUIK data, Turkey’s vegetable production as of 2021 is approximately 32 million tons.
  • Tomato, which is the most produced vegetable in Turkey, has a share of 41.2% (13.1 million tons) in total vegetable production in 2021 in terms of production amount.
  • Tomato production is carried out both in the open and under cover in Turkey. In 2021, 4.4 million tons of tomatoes were produced under cover in Turkey.
  • World tomato production is about 187 million tons.
  • China has the largest share in the world tomato cultivation area with 21.9% in 2020.
  • After China, Nigeria with 16.7%, India with 16.1%, Turkey with 3.6% and Egypt with 3.4% come respectively.
  • These five countries constitute approximately 61.7% of the world tomato cultivation area.

World tomato yield is approximately 37 tons per hectare as of 2020, and EU countries seem to be at the forefront of yield. Belgium ranks first in the world tomato yield in 2020 with 50,2 tons/ha. Belgium is followed by the Netherlands with 48.7 tons/ha and Finland with 41.3 tons/ha.

World tomato import was realized as 8,3 million tons as of 2021. The USA ranks first with a 23.3% share in imports in 2021. After the USA, Germany is in the second place with a share of 8.7%, and France is in the third place with a share of 6.2%.

Tomato Exports by Country

It is seen that the world tomato export increased by 1.5% in 2021 compared to the previous year and realized as 8,6 million tons. Looking at the main exporting countries, largest exporter of tomatoes Mexico ranks first with a share of approximately 22.2% in 2021. Netherlands follows Mexico with a share of approximately 11.1%, Iran with a share of 9.6%, Spain with a share of 7.7% and Morocco with a share of 7.4%. Türkiye ranks 6th with 617 thousand tons. Turkey is one of the top tomato exporting countries.

Turkish Tomato Production Areas

When Turkey’s 2021 tomato cultivation areas are listed on the basis of provinces, it is seen that Antalya is in the first place with approximately 19 thousand hectares. Antalya is followed by Bursa with approximately 16 thousand ha and Manisa with approximately 13 thousand ha in 2021. Considering Turkey’s tomato production on a provincial basis in 2021, Antalya comes first with a share of 21.4%. Bursa follows Antalya with a share of 10.3% and Manisa with a share of 8.4%.

Syria, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Israel, Germany, the Netherlands and Georgia are among the countries to which Turkey exports the most Turkish tomatoes.

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