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coca cola wholesaler and exporter

Coca Cola Wholesaler and Exporter

The arrival of Coca-Cola in Turkey in 1964 was announced with the slogan “World Famous Coca-Cola Now in Our Home”. The company’s first investments were made in Istanbul and the Marmara Region. Istanbul Meşrubat Sanayi Anonim Şirketi (IMSA) was established with a capital of 3.5 million liras.

Coca-Cola’s first factory in Turkey started production on September 16, 1964. The factory, built in the area known today as Incirlik Junction in Istanbul, was the Coca-Cola Company’s 1916. became the factory and coca cola wholesalers started.

The “Hidden Treasure” campaign held on September 21 was Coca-Cola’s first campaign. With this campaign, which created the habit of looking under the cover, gifts worth 400 thousand TL were distributed.

On December 9, 1966, 1.5 years after Coca-Cola started to be produced in Turkey, “Coca-Cola for the Family” was added to Coca-Cola’s original bottle.

In 1967, the celebrity parade began in Coca-Cola advertisements. Sadun Boro, who went on a transoceanic trip with his boat called “Okyanus” and whose world journey was watched with interest by the public, and Turgay Şeren, the star football player of the period, were among the celebrities featured in the advertisements.

The Coca-Cola Concentrate Factory exported Coca-Cola extract to Sweden in 1967, providing foreign currency inflows to Turkey.

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Originally produced only in the Marmara Region, Coca-Cola made an agreement with the İzmir bottler Özgörkey Family in 1968 and İMBAT was established. Thus, Coca-Cola met the Aegean people with a sale price of 60 cents.

Coca-Cola, which started to be produced in Adana in 1969, was now distributed to the Southeastern Anatolia Region as well. Coca Cola wholesalers started to export new regions.

Coca-Cola also celebrated the enthusiasm of the first human landing on the Moon, watched by the whole world. The movie “Conquest of the Moon”, specially brought by the Coca-Cola factories, was released in theaters on January 9, 1969.

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Cars, televisions, European trips, cash prizes of 200 liras, thousands of free records and Coca-Cola were distributed with the “Treasure Rush Campaign” that started in 1972.

In 1980, consumers in Turkey met a new taste, “Schweppes”. The screw cap liter Coca-Cola was introduced to the consumer in 1981 with the slogan of “Liter economic bottle: Open, Drink, Close…”.

The first of 16 types of new soft drinks, announced to be produced in 1984, was launched on May 21, 1985. This new product was Fanta, whose original taste continues to this day. Coca Cola; On October 24, 1984, Ankara signed an agreement with Anadolu Endüstri Holding for the Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia regions.

Coca-Cola Light, which was first produced in the USA in 1982, was offered to Turkish consumers in 1986 under the name “Diet Coca-Cola”. Turkey was the 61st country where Diet Coca-Cola was sold.

In the same year, a Joint Agreement was signed with the Turkish National Olympic Committee for the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympic Games. Four star athletes were supported within the framework of this agreement.

In 1994, Sprite and Cappy brands were launched, and in December of the same year, Coca-Cola returnable PET bottles began to be produced. By the end of 1995, innovations were continuing in production. Coca-Cola’s first returnable PET bottle was presented to consumers in Ankara and Izmir.

With a serious change in the partnership structure of Coca-Cola in 1996, Anadolu Endüstri Holding, one of the most important groups in Turkey, became a partner of Coca-Cola İçecek. Efes Beverage Group increased its share to 40 percent by purchasing a portion of the Coca-Cola Company’s shares in Turkey.

The two factories in Bursa and Mersin, which produce with the latest technological innovations, started production on the same day in 1996. In 1997, the largest filling facility in the Middle East was put into service with an investment of 35 million dollars in Çorlu.

Coca-Cola Light and 500 ml PET Coca-Colas took their places on the shelves of coca cola wholesalers. Mersin and Bursa factories, which started production in 1996, received the first ISO 9002 certificate of the soft drink industry with new coca cola wholesalers.

In 2000, when a new millennium began, Coca-Cola İçecek A.Ş. He went on a tour of Anatolia with a truck. The TIR, which toured every inch of Anatolia, gave training to sales points on “profitability, accounting and display”.

ANSAN and IMBAT merged under MAKSAN. MAKSAN’s new name is Coca-Cola İçecek Üretim A.Ş. it happened. Institutions with bottling authority were also gathered under the name of MEPA and became Coca-Cola Sales and Distribution A.Ş. got its name.

Coca-Cola İçecek Üretim A.Ş., which also acquired all shares of Coca-Cola Satış ve Dağıtım A.Ş., was renamed Coca-Cola İçecek A.Ş. (CCI) happened. 2002 was an eventful year in many ways: Sports drink Powerade and Nestea in the iced tea category were presented to the consumer. Coca cola wholesalers achieved very high sales.

The energy drink Burn is launched. In the same year, Nestea Light and Turquoise were presented in 19 liter carboy packaging. Burn had became very popular for coca cola wholesalers. With the agreement signed with the Turkish Football Federation, Coca-Cola became the Main Sponsor of the Turkish National Teams and the Program Partner of the Turkish Football Federation.

With the launch of the prism cardboard, a first in Turkey, Cappy introduced the consumer to the cardboard prism box that is easy to hold, open and pour. With its 100% series, Cappy brought enriched products to the fruit juice category in Turkey. Coca cola wholesalers had a new product in market. Cappy’s new product, Cappy Lemonade, is on sale. Coca cola wholesalers had a big success in lemonade sales.

Galya Frayman Molinas, President of Coca-Cola Turkey; Appointed Head of Coca-Cola Turkey, Caucasus and Central Asia Division. In addition to Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan began to be administered from Istanbul. New coca cola wholesalers established.

In honor of its 50th anniversary in Turkey, The Coca-Cola Company has written the word Coca-Cola on its products in Turkish, as Koka-Kola.

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