Number 1 of Best Turkey Onion Exporters

Number 1 of Best Turkey Onion Exporters
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Turkey onion exporters are very important for Turkish onion export. Turkey is one of the major onion producing countries in the world. According to the data of 2017, the world’s dried onion production was 9.78 million tons. Turkey onion production in the world has a share of 22.23%.

However, in the years 2018-2019 in Turkey, onions, potatoes, especially the high retail prices of agricultural products such as tomatoes, including the adequacy of Turkey’s agricultural production has led to the discussion of these products and retail price.

The focus of these discussions is onion production and import.

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Onion is a member of the Amaryllidaceae family and its scientific name is Allium cepa. Onion culture dates back to ancient times (2800 BC). the onion production in Turkey is quite old. There are records about onions in the 15th century in the Ottoman Tahrir Notebooks.

vegetable production and domestic and assess the situation in foreign markets in Turkey were examined. The situation revealed in these examinations and which is still valid today is that not all the vegetables produced can be evaluated in domestic markets. For this reason, the marketing of vegetables, especially foreign trade opportunities, is important.

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Vegetable types of comparative advantage in the export of vegetables Turkey, international competitiveness, the number of research revealed is quite limited. Studies examining the export and competitiveness of onion are very limited; The discussions on onion production and retail prices in recent years necessitate a detailed examination of the subject.

The onion production in Turkey in 2004 million tons 2:04; In 2018, it was 1.93 million tons.

According to data from 2017 World onion production was 9.78 million tons, considering that Turkey has a share in world onion production of 22.23% 

There is a foreign trade of 7 million tons in the world dry onion foreign trade. According to a volatile situation to show Turkey’s onion imports is relatively low year together.

Turkish onions exporters and fresh onion suppliers in 2012, Turkey’s share in world exports of onion and a 2.15% 2016 1.45%. There are many onion exporters in Turkey market. 

Turkey Onion Exporters

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World onion production in 2018; It has been realized as approximately 97 million tons in 5 million ha area in 146 countries.

Production generally has an increasing trend, with an increase of 0.7% in the area and a 0.7% decrease in production compared to the previous year.

FAO 2018 data, onion cultivation areas in the world Turkey is 14th place but ranks 7th in production list.

World onion yield of 1,920 kg/ha yield, while Turkey has a yield of 3,663 kg/ha which is much higher than the world average.

Fresh and Dry Onion Suppliers in Turkey 

Red Onion Suppliers in Turkey

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Onion suppliers in Turkey mostly produce brown onions that have a brown cover and white body color inside. But also red onion is a very popular onion variety for onion export in Turkey. Red onion variety is mostly produced in certain areas by onion suppliers in Turkey 

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